With over 400 restaurants, shacks, and eateries, The Great NC BBQ Map is the most comprehensive guide to the original barbecue state. In a printed, road-map format, you can use our guide to hit the road and create your own BBQ tour or find a stop along your route. Our map symbols define each restaurant's BBQ using an infographic approach. With a glance, you can tell whether each restaurant cooks the whole hog or part of the pig, what cooking method is used, and what style of sauce is served. We also give you a timeline on the history of BBQ in America and information to help you differentiate the BBQ styles of NC, which give perspective to your travels.

The Great NC BBQ Map is the only road map of NC barbecue, and we are proud to be the first to document our state's tradition in this way. We have uncovered more BBQ restaurants than anyone before and have compiled more information on each restaurant's BBQ than you will find in any other resource. Before The Great NC BBQ Map, there was no one easy-to-use resource that listed it all. We are grateful for all those who came before us to document the history and legends of NC 'cue, but we made it our mission to fill in the gaps they left. Where others have been exclusive, we are inclusive. We aim to celebrate all that our state has to offer and let you be the BBQ judge!